Hand Made in the Frozen North

Frozen North Cloth Works was started in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada back in 2017 by a "mom and pop" team made up of Eric and Laura Froese.  Our very first product was a humble handkerchief - a handy little piece of gear inspired by our Grandfathers, and we still have the very first one that we made.  

We are proud to come from a long line of craftspeople including quilters, seamstresses, wood workers, concrete workers, painters, writers, sketchers, photographers and more, so creating is literally in our blood.

Enjoying the outdoors was instilled at a young age, enjoying camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming, cycling, sledding, skiing and many other activities that allow us to get out and enjoy the world around us.
In our professional lives we each have backgrounds in customer service, retail and multiple types of manufacturing.  We've taken our knowledge, skills and experience from our upbringing and our professional lives and combined that with an enthusiasm for gear that will enhance peoples lives every day.

Every handkerchief that we make is made to order for you - we do not have a stockpile of hanks waiting to be sold.  This ensures that we have you - an individual customer - in mind every time we put needle and thread to cloth.  

In 2019 we added patches to our product offerings. These are a fun product that allows you to personalize the world around you, and in certain cases (such as the first aid, epipen, AED and fire kit patches) they enable you to clearly organize and identify the location of critical items.

We also added "flight tags" (inspired by the aircraft industry's "remove before flight" tags) to our offerings this year as well, which serve a similar function as our practical patches while adding the functionality of a split ring to attach to zippers, keys or other items. These tags sold well but we're working on a re-tuned version that will offer more practicality and better value - Stay Tuned!

In 2020 we've expanded our offerings to include more unique patch designs and now, to offer even better value, they come with a die-cut weatherproof sticker with an alternate artistic take on the same design. As with everything else in our shop, these are made by us, not outsourced.

We've also started offering microfiber as an optional material for handkerchiefs, and now any of our mini or full size hanks can be had with a microfiber back.

Looking forward, we have a lot of ideas that we're hoping to bring to you in the near future. We can't wait to share them with you, so keep checking back, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook ( @frozennorthclothworks ).

Our passion is making high quality goods for discerning customers who are looking for tough and unique items to help them get through their life in style.

Eric and Laura
Frozen North Cloth Works

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